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Natraj - Sri Natarja, the Lord, in the dancing form, also called the Cosmic Dancer, with poses, holding Agni (fire) in his left back hand, the front hand in gajahasta or dandahasta mudra, the front right hand with a wrapped snake that is in abhaya (fear not) mudra while pointing to a Sutra text, and the back hand holding a musical instrument usually a damaru.  His body, fingers, ankles, neck, face, head, ear lobes and dress are shown decorated with symbolic items,  He is surrounded by a ring of flames, standing on a lotus pedestal, lifting his left leg (or in rare cases, the right leg) and balancing over a demon Muyalaka who symbolizes ignorance. The dynamism of the energetic dance is depicted with the whirling hair which spread out in thin strands as a fan behind his head. Ideal to be gifted to temples newly constructed and schools where dancing is practised. Various slokas and mantras are available at Giri.

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Height (Inches) 25
Width (Inches) 18
Depth (Inches) 5
Weight (Grams) 15060.0000
HSN 9703

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